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Strategic Hypnotherapy

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Strategic Hypnotherapy
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Strategic Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural and yet effective method for achieving personal change, self-empowerment, and personal growth. Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that allows a trained professional to assist you in accessing your unconscious process, creating meaningful and long-lasting positive changes in your life.

Hypnosis is both a natural state of mind, an experience and a process that is utilised by a clinical hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is a natural deep learning state which when utilised using the solution-oriented approach, achieves long-lasting personal change.

strategic psychotherapy

What is Strategic Psychotherapy?
It is therapist directed, future-focused, solution-orientated approach helping people identify their ‘skills gaps’ and shows them how to develop new strategies and access their own resources.

It is modeled on the useful idea that our patterns of thinking and behaviour are a response to our perspectives, rather than on what has happened to us.

Changing our perspectives changes our beliefs, interpretations and behaviours.
( Gordon Young, 2020)

What makes strategic psychotherapy different?
It helps people focus on ‘how’ they are doing certain thinking and behaviours. Most people will be familiar with being asked ‘why’ they have a particular problem. This model helps the person realise that this is not necessarily a useful question. It teaches people how to get really curious about ‘how’ they are making certain distinctions and exposes the knowledge gaps that maintain the person’s problem.

We teach people how to recognise their unuseful patterns and processes, interrupt them and apply something more effective.

We teach people how they can build resilience-not the form of resilience against life events, but a type of resilience that ensures that a person’s internal processes and experience supports their goals and increased their mental agility to bend and shift regardless of life’s adversities.

This approach uses specific discriminating questions that reveal problematic thought patterns that a person may be running unconsciously. These questions help you uncover what you know, what you don’t know, and what you think you know that just isn’t so – (Dr. Michael Yapko Ph.D.).

What are the benefits of strategic psychotherapy?
People report finding the process enlightening, uplifting, and most of all empowering.
It provides people with a new level of personal empowerment and personal responsibility- it teaches people about their ability to choose how they respond.

You Are Not Broken
The model helps people understand that their problem is not permanent any more than a person can remain the same as they move through life’s experiences.
People are not broken, they have forgotten how resourceful they are and may not be accessing the most resourceful parts of themselves. Everyone has resources somewhere.

You are more than your past
It can appear, that our culture has become obsessed with looking into a person’s past to find out ‘why’ they have problems today.
Yes, things have happened to people in the past, anyone alive will have experienced unpleasant things somewhere, however, what is forgotten is that people have also experienced many neutral events in their past and many positive experiences in their past.

This approach helps people recognise that they are more than their past and that they are much more than what has happened to them- this helps people move forward with a more useful perspective.


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