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Hi my name is Deborah Biderman I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Strategic Psychotherapist, Practitioner and Master of Neurolinguistic Programming and coach.

What does this mean?

My goal is to stand shoulder to shoulder with you and show you how you can free yourself from being a prisoner of your own thoughts and feelings.

We often unintentionally assign meaning to events and situations in our lives that can keep us stuck.

How does this look in real life?

While working in not for profit sector for 18 years and having experienced what stress, anxiety and worry can do to myself and those around me, the impact on personal lives, health and relationships can be significant.
I watched many people , old and young a like battle with the ‘stuff’ of their minds and also the stuff of other people’s minds.

I wanted to learn a way that could help myself and others and sought out an approach that would work in the real world and not just be some theory.

I still work in the mental health field as a wellness facilitator under the NDIS as well as providing services to clinical hypnotherapy clients.

My greatest thrill is when clients realise they are able to navigate this fast-paced, complex and ever changing world. When they feel armed and able to insulate themselves from the most difficult aspects of life, whilst still gaining joy from the rest.

So…..Its is so much more than been the best version of yourself, but been the wisest version of yourself -this is what will see you through.

About Deborah

Deborah is Clinical Hypnotherapist , Strategic Psychotherapist and NLP practitioner and coach who practices what she preaches.

She has extensive experience is working with people who are experiencing anxiety, fears, phobias, stress performance issues and much more and her practical down to earth and engaging approach is much sought after.

She is a faculty member of the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP) an assessor of new clinical hypnotherapists, former secretary of The Australian Hypnotherapy Association (Melbourne), and has experience working with the NDIS as a well-being facilitator and psychosocial recovery coach.

Deborah partners with the client to discover new ways forward with a focus on the personal approach.



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