are you getting bent out of shape?

Are you uncomfortable?

Are you finding everything confusing?

Unsure which way to go?

Are you finding the use and application of technology uncomfortable?

Think back for a moment………Do you remember a time when you bought something new, something that you had not used before, or something that was different from what was familiar?

Maybe a new car, learning where all the buttons were, what they did, where the windscreen wipers were located, how to open the bonnet, or perhaps it was a new mobile phone with lots of new upgrades and fancy functions and features?

Remember how that felt?  Maybe frustration set in, maybe annoyance, perhaps anger as you tried to work out how to use the new phone.

You fumbled around, sometimes going down dead ends, trying to work it out, or found yourself in an uncertainty loop.

But also remember that despite those feelings eventually, you learned how to use that phone, and quickly it became second nature, you no longer had to think about what to do-it just happened.

Is it possible that the current times maybe lighting up parts of you that amplify feelings of uncertainty? In fact, your very survival may feel at stake? These imposed changes certainly can seem to be testing our very survival mechanisms.

How are you going to navigate this rapidly changing world?

What can you do now, that can make a difference, because the decisions you are making today, whether conscious or unconscious, will predict your future.

Charles Darwin is often misquoted as having said “it is the survival of the fittest that wins” however what he actually said was :

” It’s not the strongest that survives nor the most intelligent. It’s the one that is most adapted to change.”

Some people recognise that not only have things change but that they will continue to change, and they have the flexibility to adapt. These  people are the ones that will see a way through while others struggle to survive.

Hypnosis has the power to teach this skill of adaptability and makes changes at a level that is beyond your conscious awareness.

Just like an Olympic gymnast, you can learn to be highly flexible without being all bent out of shape!!

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