Changing negative thoughts with hypnosis

Ever wondered where your thoughts come from? Those thoughts that seem to appear from nowhere and then race through your mind, sometimes they percolate round and round.

For a few seconds just observe now what you are thinking, is it a good thought? A negative thought? No thought?

Chances are the thought will be something negative or, at the very least, a worry of some kind.

It has been estimated that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day- not sure how this number was established, but the consensus is that we have lots and lots of thoughts!

It can feel that the thoughts come from us, and yet at other times, it can feel as if they suddenly come from some other place and ambushed us.

We can take deliberate control of some thought; particularly when we are asking ourselves specific questions or analysing something that we have seen or read, just as you might be doing right now.

However, these thoughts are not usually the ones that can get us into trouble. What do I mean? The majority of our thoughts come from a place where thinking is on autopilot.

The Crowded Mind

These autopilot thoughts appear to spring from nowhere, they can come at speed, one after the other becoming a racing and confusing mass that seems to have a life of its own.

When they feel out of control, it can have effects in the real world. It may cause someone to find it hard to concentrate, work out a solution, or even remain calm.

Hypnosis and the Crowded Mind

Hypnosis is a proven and effective way to get your thinking back on track. How? Because it works on that part of your thinking process that is below your awareness, that part where the autopilot thoughts originate.

Hypnosis helps make changes to these automatic thoughts that pop into the mind.

It is better to have thoughts that pop into mind which work with you and support what you want to achieve, rather than those that get in the way.

Sometimes these troublesome thoughts are called ANTS-automatic negative thoughts! The best way to get these ants under control is to get into that nest and change the type of ants that are being produced.

It’s fun

There are not many approaches available today, especially when talking about taking control of negative thoughts, that could be considered fun. Hypnosis is fun, and most people find it easy, effective, and long-lasting.

Give it a go and see for yourself the benefits of this proven approach and CHANGE THE QUALITY OF YOUR THINKING.

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