You experience hypnosis everyday-anytime you chose to focus in a particular way on an event/emotion/experience or skill

For example:

  • Have you ever had the experience of driving your car on a familiar route, a route that you have travelled many times, possibly your route to work or home. You suddenly realise, usually when you arrive at your destination, that you do not recall going through that set of traffic lights or turning at a particular junction? 
  • Or when you are such an expert at something maybe in your job, while on the computer or undertaking a sport at which you excel. You find yourself able to undertake this task with a high level of skill (without thinking) whilst also engaging in a complex conversation or thought?
  • Most parents will be able to empathise with the need to sometimes ‘zone out’ background noise allowing you to focus on another task
  • Or becoming so absorbed in a book, that when you next check the clock 2 hours have gone by, yet it feels like 15 minutes?
  • Have you had the experience of watching a movie and having a physiological reaction i.e. crying because it feels so real?
  • Young people can spend hours on a game console and before they know it, it is 2am!

All of these are examples of this natural super learning and absorbed experience. We just don’t usually think about them as been hypnosis.

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