We all find ourselves in challenging times; however the challenge facing each individual is not the same,this is for sure.

However, there are increasing numbers of people experiencing anxiety, depression, fear, isolation, anger, and frustration, or indeed all of these at the same time…if that is even possible!

Being kind towards each other is a significant first step because it not only helps others but also helps you with your inside world.

  The good news? Places and parts of the world are starting to open up the lockdown, and for some, this is raising new fears about what the future might hold.  

People deal with fear on an individual basis, and most people are familiar with the fight-flight or freeze response that is not only observed in other mammals but is also very active within people.

As a result, some people become angry and abusive, and others may run and literally lock themselves at home for weeks on end, never venturing out. Others become so fearful they freeze and find even making the smallest of decisions an effort.  

The physical toll all this can take on our bodies is well documented, and for some people knowing this causes another layer of worry, as they literally start worrying about their worrying!  

Below is a well-known exercise, or should I say innercise that can help get your body back into a natural and restful state. This type of work out has many benefits and can be very useful when you get caught out or caught in a cycle of fear of freeze.

It helps you reengage the parasympathetic nervous system and relieves tension in the body and helps stop that freeze response which is a response to the fear imagined or real.

You can do this while listening to a piece of favourite music; ideally, one that is a soundtrack only and that does not have words :

Find a relaxed place that is comfortable for you

Somewhere where you won’t be disturbed (if your house is crowded, consider sitting in your car with the seat slightly back)  

Notice how you are breathing, notice each breath
Notice the inhale and then the exhale  

Now begin to inhale, and then exhale for a more extended amount of time than the inhale, deepen the exhale, really using the stomach

Imagine a bright light above your head, and you choose what colour, many people prefer white or blue  

As you inhale imagine this light expanding each time getting larger and larger until it entirely surrounds you  

With each inward breath, the light becomes more intense, and with each exhale, it continues to expand beyond your physical body 

Notice and allow the light to illuminate everything in front of you, and you might consider this your path, your new illuminated pathway

Now imagine this light touching every cell in your body, and notice how it illuminates each cell, and within each cell illuminates the pathway of each cell

Illuminating your future

Breath deeply 

And the more you notice, the stronger the sensation and the stronger the image.  

This can help manage those feelings of overwhelm.

At Mind Talk Solutions, we use hypnosis as a therapy, hypnotherapy, and this, combined with strategic psychotherapy, we teach people how to avoid the need to rely on techniques, that while helpful, only provide temporary relief from a particular thought or sensation.

Hypnosis, when combined with strategic psychotherapy, teaches people how to handle life differently. This does not mean it is easier but indeed allows people, when problems arise, which they will, that is life is it not. But it does mean that they move with life and through life with more ease and focus.      
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