How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost In melbourne?

How Much Does Hypnotherapy Cost?

OK-if you have landed here on this page, then you have been on a search via Google to find a simple answer to your question. It is worth considering much more than financial cost, but to keep your interest and get this question answered quickly-here you go:

Costs do vary somewhat across Melbourne and Australia. Averages are:

  • Melbourne $180-$220
  • Sydney $200-$250
  • Perth $120-$180

A Cautionary Tale

It is best to apply some wisdom when selecting a hypnotherapist because been the most expensive doesn’t guarantee that they are the most effective, professional, or qualified.

Costs charged take into account other elements such as practice location, rents, overheads, type of premises, whether they are specialise /niche.

Having said that, choosing a hypnotherapist based on being the cheapest also has its problems.


You may notice that many hypnotherapists offer clients packages as a way of reducing the overall cost. Most packages are delivered in sets of 3 sessions, with each session usually 1 hour in duration. The use of packages also helps the therapist ensure the best chances of success for you.

Packages are also often offered for habit management such as smoking, and the average cost of these packages range between $350- $600. This will usually be for 3 full sessions and should include additional resources, workbooks and smoking diaries, and follow up sessions.

Ethical Practice and Advertising

You may see people advertising-” stop smoking in 10 minutes’ or ‘stop smoking after 1 hour’, and they may also even use words such as guaranteed or cure. This type of advertising is feeding into a phenomenon called ‘magical thinking’-but most people will see this for what it is!

The use of these words is illegal and is not in line with the HCC code of conduct. It is also not an ethical way of conducting a professional practice.

 Most effective smoking cessation programmes require 3 sessions as a minimum (this is usually sufficient for most people)

How to choose a qualified hypnotherapist?

It is true, like most things in life, it pays to do your research. The smart question is, what should be the criteria for your research?

Below are a few hints and tips of what to ask or look out for when choosing a hypnotherapist:

  • Check that the hypnotherapist is qualified
  • Check that they are registered with the HCA (Hypnotherapy Council of Australia)
  • Check that they are a member of one of the Australian hypnotherapy organisations.  The largest been the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapy Association) -members of these organisation are required to undergo annual supervision and ongoing training and professional development.
  • Most therapists will offer an initial free consultation of between 20-30 minutes; this allows you as the client to get a sense of the therapist style and compatibility
  • Be aware that many people call themselves hypnotherapists who have never done more than an initial hypnosis weekend training
  • Some hypnotherapists combine several more esoteric approaches than others. Again, it is worth doing your research if you are seeking a more evidence-based method.
  • It is worth noting there are only two government-accredited hypnotherapy training organisation that train in Victoria The Institute of Applied psychology and the institute of hypnotic science
  • If in doubt ask to see qualifications or search the relevant registering organisation which you can do by state
  • Check testimonials -you could even ask if you can speak to someone who has previously used their service (with all the relevant permissions regarding data protection, etc.)
  • Look for therapists that have a broad set of skills as well as their hypnotherapist qualification
  • Check what their specialism is, you will find some that appear to offer services for literally anything-hypnosis is effective across a broad spectrum of issues from pain to depression, public speaking to sleep, but most therapists will specialise in a few areas to ensure the quality of service
  • Some health funds do offer rebates, however, due to the ever-changing nature of health funds always check with yours if you intend on seeing a hypnotherapist

How to distinguish a quality session from and average session

As is the same is many professions, including the medical and psychological professions, the client can experience a wide range of sessions and outcomes.

As a general rule qualified and professional hypnotherapists will follow a general format which includes the following:

  1. Initial telephone or face to face consultation (usually free)
  2. Completion of intake form asking for information regarding general health, current health issues, medications, surgeries, mental health diagnoses, if you are seeing any other health practitioners, and if there are any other referring medical professionals.
  3. If you do have any health issues, that you have been given the ok by your specialists to seek hypnotherapy if the condition is part of your specific issue
  4. Consultation between your hypnotherapists and GP or another health practitioner
  5. Outline the session and expectations
  6. Gain agreement from yourself regarding the approach they will take
  7. Keeping of session notes and treatment notes
  8. Give you  a recording of your session ( note: not  all hypnotherapist do this) and provide you with additional resources and learning materials
  9. Ask for feedback regarding their services and conduct.
  10. Have a clear complaints procedure

The information provided here should help you make the finer distictions between practioners that may be less professional or even non qualifid and those that offer a premium and effcetive service.

It is also important to note that the relationship, the therapeutic relationship between you and the hypnotherapist is crucial to your over all success, so if you feel uncomfortable or do not connect with your therapist, then shop around until you find the therapist you are seeking.

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