How To stop stressing

Stress is a fact of life, but……not everyone experiences it the same ……and why is it that some people seem to be able to shrug it off….what’s that all about?

How do they do that?

The conclusion many  people reach is that they are faulty in some way and the OTHERS …those superhumans……..are just special or have some genetic makeup that makes it easy for them.

The truth is something else entirely.

Everyone experiences challenges, some daily, some weekly some monthly etc……given the current situation with COVID-19 it can seem to be constant

Maybe you have a stressful relationship

Or you are feeling Stress from young children or teenagers

Or Stress from  working for an unreasonable boss

Or feeing stress from financial worries

Or Maybe you are dealing with all of these and more at the same time! Who knows?

One thing that we do know …..when learning to deal with, manage, or even flick off stress as if it were an annoying bug………is that being light-hearted about this issue is a great starting point.

We tend to talk a lot about stress or how to manage it, get heavy, morose, think too deeply, and generally feel weighed down by stress.

We over discuss the causes, the external conditions of the world, and all the different labels for the different types of stress. We diagnose, compare ourselves to others, label, and generally feel intellectual as we explore the ins and outs of the stressful situation!

But after all this, we still FEEL terrible. It doesnt help!

Lightening the conversation about stress is a significant first step. This is not to say that the conditions that may be causing the stress are not severe, overwhelming or even appear impossible…..but no one can solve a problem when immersed in an ocean of these types of thoughts and feelings.

There is always a flip side; it’s just that we sometimes can’t see the woods for the trees.

There is heaps of information out there, some of which is very practical and useful for managing stress ie spending time with family and friends, practicing mindfulness, finding a new hobby or interest, cooking meals from home, etc. But even some of these solutions are not even possible for many due to COVID-19 and further lockdowns.

While generally these approaches can be great resources and be fun…if you pick the right hobby and friends……..!

They still don’t address how people start and get caught in the stress cycle. At best, they can act as an interrupter or offer some temporary relief or distracton.

The solution is more straightforward than most people realise, it is fun and provides more than relief. Because what you do is important, but moreover, how you do it is what really matters.

Because  shockingly……stress is a process and not a terminal condition.

As people realise this is true, it seems ridiculous, even humorous as to how they got caught up in the process at all.

We work with people that are so surprised at how simple the answer can be- We have fun and get playful with practical solutions.

You don’t need to live a life full of suffering or stress; you can choose a different path. We can show you how-so what’s holding you back-start that change today.

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