Hypnosis and Visualisation-How Do They Differ?

The idea of using positive visualisations has taken hold over the past 15 years. It is an approach used very successfully by many exceptional sportspeople and has been credited with providing that ‘edge’ needed to win gold medals at the Olympics. It has also exploded as an approach in the self-help field.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, it is a mental process and a physical process utilising things such as vision boards, and to imagine in your mind’s eye as vividly as possible a future want, outcome or goal i.e., getting a house, achieving success, etc. the premise been that by visualising the outcome in your mind, eventually, this will manifest as a reality in the material world.

This is the basis on which the law of attraction is founded.

The hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy model used at Mind Talk Solutions, does utilise some elements of visualisation; however, there is a fundamental and vital distinction, which is the difference that makes the difference.

The idea of positive visualisation is an empowering one, and it’s easy to see why.  However, it is also worth noting that there is a potential dark side to this approach i.e. if things are not manifesting for someone, then it is their fault; they have not done the process correctly somehow.

This can cause an incredible amount of guilt and concern for many people.

At Mind Talk Solutions, we teach our clients not what to think but how to think.

When we utilise some of the visualisation techniques during our hypnosis sessions, we also ensure that our clients understand and are then able to implement how to take the necessary actions to fulfill their dreams relating to their positive visualisations and goals.

Because no amount of imagining can achieve anything without at some point, someone taking some action, some real physical effort in the real world.

Consider this for a moment-No no amount of positive visualisation will ever manifest a house for someone who is unemployed, unskilled having never left home, and lacking any real-life skills that could aid them on their quest- even if they are the world’s best positive visualiser!

Mind Talk Solutions use hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy to help people make these distinctions and much more. Hypnosis is more than just positive thinking or positive imagination; however, it does utilise elements of positive imagining to empower people.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are vital techniques that help clients understand their minds, and strategic psychotherapy helps clients recognise where their blind spots might lie, keeping them stuck in an issue or preventing them from achieving what they want.

Because everything is a process and there is a process to everything, this includes positive visualisations, as positive visualisation is only one element of a process.

So in summary, positive visitations alone are not enough, and buying into this one belief can actually cause many people harm and keep them in a loop of thinking that they are not good enough.

It is possible to learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis to help achieve goals in a realistic real world.

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