Pain and suffering-there is hope

True -Pain is an inevitable part of life.

True-Pain can be emotional or physical.

True-Suffering, we have some control.

Here in Victoria, Australia, we find ourselves again in lockdown.

This is creating a lot of pain a second time for a significant number of people.

People losing businesses, losing jobs, unable to pay bills, struggling to keep their kids entertained etc

The first time around while difficult it seemed manageable, maybe because it was a novel experience. This time, I hear many people talking about how difficult it is this time and the injustice of having to do this again.

This is the pain of the current situation. It can feel overwhelming at times or cause people to worry about when it is going to end-or will it ever end.

Everyone’s situation is unique to them, and while we may all be in the same storm, we are certainly not all in the same boat.

This is true when it comes to suffering; this is not to say that the events are not happening; however, we can become caught in a suffering loop that adds further distress to stressful situation.

Consider this: It is not a matter of positive thinking, it’s not the difference between been a glass half full or half empty person, but it is about how you are thinking and viewing the events of our time.

Two people facing hardship, maybe losing a business or a cherished and well-paid job, can have two very different approaches to the situation.

But also here me well here, I am also not saying it is easy, just that it is possible.

I recall seeing a news report on Channel 9 during the first few days of the first lockdown, showing long lines of people outside Centrelink. It was shocking to see a  Quants Pilot in full uniform standing in line along with everyone else.

He may or may not have lost his job at that point, but he was taking action, may be getting advice re what he could do if the worst were to happen.

Maybe he also then went home and started calling friends/his network looking for other opportunities.

Maybe he also updated his CV that night in preparation for applying for another role.

Maybe he looked at his skills and worked out what was transferable.

Maybe he knew that he had to get past those awkward feelings of ‘who he was’ and get on with the job of finding a new path.

There is something called the orientating response, a hard-wired response in the brain that seeks and finds only those things that are of interest to us or that will keep us safe. This response can work for you or against you.

It is possible to edit this orientating response to work more in your favour or, at the very least, be aware that it is operating in your daily life. At mind talk solutions, we can teach you how this works and how hypnotherapy is the key that unlocks your well-trodden response.

It is not you, you are not your suffering, but is it possible that you may be the one adding to the pain?

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