Privacy Policy

The following outlines the privacy policy of Mind Talk Solutions website:

Mind talk Solutions will ensure the best customer service is provided at all times
Mind Talk Solutions will act in accordance with the Privacy act (1988), which outlines guiding principles regarding individual privacy and data collected regarding an individual.

How We Use Your Information

At Mind Talk Solutions, we fully understand people’s sensitivities to how their personal information may or may not be used, and as such, we know this involves a high level of trust. Customer service and building a community based on trust is a guiding principle at Mind Talk Solutions. All personal and confidential data collected before or as part of the therapy process is protected and stored as per the Privacy Act (1988) to which we fully abide and adhere.
Also, be aware that by visiting, you are accepting all policies and practices outlined.

Data and information You Submit

Information that you might provide on our website or via other means is considered your personal information. This may or may not include information that could identify you personally. Personal information includes your first name, last name, contact numbers, physical address and email addresses, and medical information. We may request information regarding your personal history, family, etc. to provide the best therapy service for yourself. You can choose not to disclose this information, and the therapy may be impacted by its effectiveness; however, we respect an individual’s right to determine what information they disclose.
Please be aware that your treating therapist will only ever share your personal information with a third party (outside of normal administration processes with appropriate staff within Mind Talk Solutions) with your consent. Occasionally therapists will engage in peer supervision sessions as part of their professional requirements and development. However, when discussing cases, no identifying information is ever provided or discussed.
If you chose to share or provide information and content such as comments, videos, photos via our website, this you do at your own risk.

Information from other sources

Occasionally as part of our commitment to provide outstanding customer service, we may request information both personal and non-personal from third parties. Typical third parties are GP’s other doctors, other treating therapists, including psychiatrists and psychologists, and add this to your personal information.

Sharing of personal information

Occasionally Mind Talk Solutions may engage a third-party service to act on our behalf and may include customer engagement and support or processing of transactions. Be aware these third parties will only have access to information as agreed with the client and in accordance with the data protection and privacy act that the third party is required to adhere to. Mind talk solutions will also ensure that all third parties with whom they work are also bound by the same confidentiality and privacy obligations, ensuring the protection of all your personal information.

Automated information

Visitors to the Mind Talk Solutions site will be providing limited data and information, which include but are not limited to information such as IP address, operating system, browser type, version and language, pages viewed on the site, referring website address, and page access times. The goal of gathering this information is to assess visitor traffic, trends, and interest and help Mind Talk Solutions better tailor the site for improved visitor use and experience. All this information is not shared with a third party and is for internal use only.
Should Mind Talk Solutions practices regarding information, change at any time in the future, these changes will only apply to data and information collected from the date of the updated policy and will not be applied retrospectively.

Social Media Providers

Some people chose to access third party social media websites via mind talk solutions website i.e., Facebook. By doing so, you are responsible for deciding how you want to share your information and will be subject to their privacy policies. Searching for tools to modify your privacy settings is advisable.

Legal Process

Mind Talk Solutions may be required to respond to a subpoena or court order or another legal process regarding an individual’s personal data and information. We will only provide the information as is required by law.

Security Disclaimer

Mind Talk Solutions is committed to ensuring that collected information and data is as secure as possible and as per industry standards. Please be aware that despite this, we cannot guarantee that everything we have in place will mean that the system is failure-proof. Despite what we might be told or believe, no electronic system is 100% secure when sending information via the internet mobile phone or any other electronic and digital storage system or device.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Mind Talk Solutions reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time. If we choose to make changes, we will notify you via your email address you provided or advising clients via our website regarding the changes. If you are unsure, regarding the Privacy Policy contained within, you are advised not to access or use the site.

Accessing Your Personal Information

An individual can request to access their personal data and is subject to the exceptions by law. Mind Talk Solutions will only accept any such requests that have been received in writing. Mind Talk Solutions will make a charge to any individual for each application for information to cover administration costs.

Contacting us

Mind Talk Solutions are always seeking ways to improve the Privacy Policy and experience of customers. If you want to recieve additional information, make comment or have any questions regarding the policy, please contact us via email during our regular business hours.

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