social Distancing-What It is Not!

Social Distancing-What it isn’t?

What does this mean?

Until recently, we had pretty much never heard of ‘social distancing,’ but now I don’t think there is anyone of the planet that is not familiar with his term!

Not too long ago, the hot topic of the day was around the idea that more and more people are lonely or feeling lonely, how ironic that in the current climate, people are doing all they can to physically stay away from other humans!

As the days pass and the time spent in isolation continues, it can start to seem like a burden that can affect people’s mental wellness.

However, maybe we can have a different conversation, instead of referring to this new reality as ‘social distancing’  that this instead is a period of ‘physical distancing.’

Yes, it is true while we may not be able to have the same physical contact with others as we have done in the recent past, we certainly are still able to make social contact with those that mean the most to us all.

We may not be able to physically meet, shake hands, or give hugs, as we did, but we can still make social contact with people.  We might just need to be more creative in our social contact. 

The other day I baked an extra lasagne and dropped it on the doorstep of my single mum neighbour who is now working from home.  Her three young kids loved it! 

Because when you think about it, the challenges that we are currently experiencing couldn’t have come at a better time, we have never had as many ways to stay in contact with people, friends, and family as we have available to us today.

We must be able to make important finer distinctions. The restrictions are not designed to stop us from having social contact; they are simply a means to reduce the spread of the virus; this is about protecting everyone’s physical wellbeing.

Social contact continues; it is how we do the social contact that may have changed for the current time.

I know that since the physical distancing started, my actual social contact has increased, and I also hear the same from many other people around me.

People are making contact with friends that they have not contacted for years. Family using facetime or zoom daily to have family ‘meetups’, something unheard of before this new reality. Or an increase in daily telephone conversations, not just in frequency but also the length of the phone calls.

The world health organisation(WHO) has also started to make the distinction between using the term ‘physical distancing’ rather than social distancing-why?

One of the ways we create our personal reality is by the language we use. Without even realising it, hearing the words ‘social distancing ‘several times per day on news channels, via Facebook or even in conversation with other people, all start to create a belief and feeling that we must isolate our selves from everyone.

So the WHO also recognise that using the term ‘physical distancing’ is a more helpful way to view the current restrictions.

This change of language helps people manage their mental wellbeing as they understand that they can socially be connected to their loved ones, friends, and family.

Next time you are talking with friends and family, how about you start a new conversation and call this period physical distancing and see what difference that can make to how people around you are feeling.

It is also worth noting that the mass media haven’t picked up on this change of language as yet. 

How does any of this relate to Hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy you might be asking? The model that we use at Mind Talk Solutions really helps people make the finer distinctions, the distinctions between what is real and what is imagined and how hypnosis can help a person change their perception.

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